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Karcher Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner Wd 3

Karcher Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner Wd 3


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Karcher Vacuum Cleaner WD 3

The super-powerful, energy-efficient WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 17-litre plastic container, a cartridge filter, as well as new accessories. The WD 3 multi-purpose vacuum cleaner is super-powerful with a power consumption of just 1,000 watts. Its robust and impact-resistant plastic container has a capacity of 17 litres. The cartridge filter enables convenient vacuuming of wet and dry dirt, without filter replacement. The new suction hose and - not to be forgotten - the newly developed clips floor nozzle with mixed insert contribute to optimal dirt pick-up and ensure perfect cleanliness. The easily removable handle allows direct attachment of accessories to the suction hose. The practical parking position allows convenient parking of the suction tube and floor nozzle during working interruptions. WD 3 vacuum cleaners make light work of the toughest cleaning jobs with features such as blower function, "Pull & Push" locking system, ergonomic carrying handle and practical cable and accessory storage.


Removable handle

Wet and dry floor nozzle, Clips

Cartridge filter, Standard

Crevice nozzle

Paper filter bag, 1 piece(s)

Blower function

Parking position

On-board accessory storage

Sturdy bumper


Actual suction power* (Air watts): 200

Energy use (W): 1000

Container capacity (l): 17

Container material: plastic

Standard accessory ID (mm): 35

Suction hose, 2 m, 35 mm

Suction tubes, 2 piece(s), 0.5 m, 35 mm

Supply voltage (V): 220 / 240 / 50 / 60

Weight without accessories (kg): 5.5

Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 388 x 340 x 503


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