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C-Mart 14 Pieces Hobby Set For Crafting

C-Mart 14 Pieces Hobby Set For Crafting
C-Mart 14 Pieces Hobby Set For Crafting
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  • Brand: C Mart
  • Model: C-Mart 14
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Abdul Rehman Shahbaz And chtools


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Allows you to professionally cut, carve & design with set of tools. It can be part of a hobby and a wide variety of your needs in day to day routine.


  • Brand: C-MART
  • Model NO.: A0301
  • Make: Taiwan 
  • Package:

    • 1 X set of 14 Pieces hobby set
  • Length : 150mm
  • Blade using SK-5 high carbon steel and durable
  • Color non-slip grip, comfort grip
  • Replace head disassembly is simple, convenient
  • Standard interchangeable.
  • The blades are all secured on magnetic strip.
  • 12pc SK5 Medium and heavy duty.
  • 1pc rubber coated holder with 1pc SK5 #11.
  • 1pc deluxe grip handle with 1pc SK5.

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