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About Us

(For our part / Who we are)

(Who we are) with EyeComm Technologies as a homeowner is a modern and innovative online store which is here to serve our sellers the best and to provide the ensured quality services.

(What matters to us)

We're building an effervescent marketplace in E-commerce industry of Pakistan. We always keep an eye on the new industry trends for making upcoming business strategies and put the needs of our clients first. We have satisfied customers who have gauged our services all over the world. We are always happy to connect our shopkeepers with the customers. We’re thrilled to welcome you for a wonderful Online Selling experience.

(What we want to do)

We are aiming to provide sellers with the opportunity to sell their products online using their brand or shopname. We are bridging the gap between sellers and buyers by eradicating the space between online and physical shopping. It will be an astounding experience for buyers to contact their sellers directly and to visit them personally at their shops. We strive to increase the physical footfall with the exalted services being provided by our Sellers / Shopkeepers.

(How we do it)

With a motivated team, we aspire to be the talented minds that are always here to help shopkeepers with their online business growth and broaden their customer engagement. That's why we're always looking for innovative and vibrant ways to offer our sellers the best.

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